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OUR VISION: "Idydc wants to see free from disease, poverty, illiteracy, and social developed where human rights are respected."
OUR MISSION: "Idydc exists to improve the living standard of the beneficiaries of Iringa region and other parts of Tanzania mainland by establishing rehabilitation and vocational training Centre’s, healthcare and support, lobbying and advocacy, Radio FM, Entrepreneurship and support, gender, child labour, environmental protection, water and sanitation and any other activities incidental to the organization’s objectives."

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: Iringa Development of Youth Disabled and Children Care (IDYDC) is a local Non-Governmental Organization based in Iringa region southern part of Tanzania with its headquarters in Iringa Municipal. It was established in 1991 and got registered in 1994 with registration number SO. NO 7552. IDYDC acquired certificate of ‘Compliance’ No. 0843 under sec. 11(3) act No. 24 of 2002 in 2009.

The reason for establishment was to support street children and orphans by giving them a chance to get shelter and education. We have now grown and after many years of experience we have different programs on health, education, environment, women and Edu-sports.

"At IDYDC we want to see a community free from diseases, poverty, illiteracy and socially developed where human rights are respected. We hope to achieve that by investing in youth and children since they are the spirit of our nation. You can play your part by volunteering in our projects, making a donation or just spreading the word to make the community more aware. Together we can go further."


 Also IDYDC exist to improve the living standard of the disadvantaged people (needy children, PLHIV’s, youth, widows, widowers and poor people) in Iringa region through establishment of rehabilitation and vocational training centers. Also facilitating the establishment of savings and credit schemes and training on HIV/AIDS, alcohol prevention among youth and drug abuse, gender, child labor, and the right of the child by organizing drama and sports.


IDYDC priority or saved 107,801 people in prevention, social and behavior change communication (SBCC) through different program. Our prevention efforts have reached 14,825 (F:9,942 M:4,883) people with HIV AND TB intervation in a year 2019. Also 76,167 people with provision of shelter,education,health,and reunification to their families; 2,163 people reached with education on alcohol harm in 2 wards of Iringa district. 14,160 youth aged 10-19 years, reached with health and social change education using Football for Hope program.



We're proud to be working with a wide range of dedicated care and support to our direct and indirect beneficiaries, children and youth groups/teams, individuals and an entire society. Collaboration from the government through villages, ward, district and region level to the faith community, there a genuine groundswell and focus on seeing behaviour changes, wellbeing, improved social-economic and reduction of children living and working in streets (CLWS).

You can donate anything if you are touched by the services we provide to the community, because the needs are still great so your support will have done a great thing for the community.


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You can contribute anything if you are touched by the services we provide to the community, because the needs are still great so your support will have done great things for the community

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