AIDS Free VMMC + EIMC Project

Aids free Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) project initially started in 2009 as pilot  in Iringa region. IDYDC have been collaborating with Jhepiego in implementation and USAID as a major donor of this project. The service offers circumcision without payment for male above 10 years of age . Boys are prone to start sexual relationship from that age so  this is done as one of the measures to reduce HIV risk. As a matter of fact VMMC reduces men’s risk of sexually acquiring HIV by up to 60%.  (Lei, 2015)

Early Infant Male Circumcision (EIMC) goes hand in hand with VMMC where male infants from 24 hours to 8 weeks old are circumcised. The recovery is arguably faster at this infancy stage so it is easier to take care of the patient.

AIDS Free Implementation 2016/2017

Using our IDYDC AIDS Free coordinators, we managed to organize and to conduct 2 days refresher training. 20 community mobilizers from four districts of Iringa region attended at IDYDC FIFA hall. From same areas 20 local leaders attended 2 days orientation training afterwards. The main theme of the training in reality was to remind each other our roles and responsibilities in this project.

Aids Free training

AIDS Free STO from Jhpiego Caesar Msamba training community mobilizers

After training, community leaders and mobilizers conducted 40 community dialogues with special groups at 24 wards in the whole region of Iringa. The dialogues in fact help to create in-group support for male circumcision in the community. When people know the facts and can discuss their concern openly, consequently the impact is long lasting.

AIDS Free community dialogue

Group of parents, guardian and youth in community dialogue session at Tosamaganga

2016/2017 Success

We managed to train 20 community mobilizer and 20 local leaders. As a result our team conducted 80 health talks in 59 wards. IDYDC in Collaboration with JPHIEGO conducted two advocacy meeting with Stakeholders and 40 community dialogues in Iringa region.

784 is the number of youths of age interval 20-29 we reached with key message of VMMC & EIMC through health talks. We also reached 763 people consisting of parents/guardian, local leaders and youth through 40 community dialogues conducted in 24 wards of Iringa region.

In conclusion we have done our best this year and we will continue to serve our community diligently. We thank Jhepiego for the opportunity to work with them and USAID for the funds. We will continue to do the good work for the betterment of our society.

This is a short documentary focused on the prevention of HIV through voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), telling the story of unprecedented success in Tanzania.


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