Alcohol abuse Prevention Project Beneficiary confession I

Alcohol abuse Prevention Project

IDYDC in partnership with IOGT-NTO Movement have been implementing Alcohol abuse Prevention Project in Iringa region since 2010. The project is a success because we have been able to lobby the passing of  by-laws  to limit local pubs opening hours and ban underage to drinking places. Most importantly some people have willingly stopped drinking.

Meet Alex Msofu

My name is Alex Msofu, I am 47 years old and my wife’s name is Joanitha Kitwange. We have three children where the first born  is 21 and the last born is 11 years old.

Alcohol abuse Prevention Project

Alcohol abuse Prevention Project Beneficiary

I started drinking since 1986, I started small but as the time went my rate of drinking increased.  I had no time for anything else but drinking, I was drinking all the time. My body was always in need of  alcohol so I drank everyday and every time I could.

I was doing part time jobs like gardening and when things did not go well I used to take my wife’s money if there is any inside and use it for alcohol. In reality I can say I did not care at all  about my family, It came a time when if I came home everybody runs away. When I am back from drinking you could not here any one making noise the house gets quiet.


At one time I saw a leaflet which I was given that someone who is an alcoholic is not respected in the society. After deep thinking I told them (IDYDC) I must stop drinking after what you have taught me. I came to the decision to stop drinking on 25th July 2011, it was Monday when I quit for good. In the next session I told everyone that I have stopped drinking.

Through IDYDC seminars on successive use of alcohol I decided to stop drinking.

Word from the wife

Wife of Alcohol abuse Prevention Project beneficiary

When my husband was drinking he was not someone you can call a husband. I also used to drink but after seeing how my partner is turning to and no understanding I decided to quit drinking. He did not care at all about his family at the time, he even forgot he has kids. During that period I was the one providing for the family, my children started school depending on me for food and clothing.

Some other times you have to wait for him to sleep, you wait until he is snoring because if you go inside he might hurt you. It reached a point when our first born Lucy said I have no father that is because of how the situation was.  I also considered myself without a husband because he changed even his health, he was in bad shape and so weak.

When IDYDC came here my husband and other drinkers were called for counselling. One day my husband came and said “oh what we learned today, alcohol is not good at all”. From that day he changed, he was drinking for some time and the he quit drinking altogether.


Community Based Approach has improved the project ownership in the areas where we used the approach. Sustainability of the project is more likely to happen due to formulation of Alcohol bylaws, which try to restrict easy availability and consumption to the community especially Children.

This story is a clear example of how the situation is. Alex as a father was not able to provide for his family which could lead to his children to be the alcohol or drug abusers.

At IDYDC we provide education to the youth and counselling to excessive alcohol drinkers who are in many cases parents. The society as a whole is educated with Alcohol harm information, which is aimed at improving health, social and economic conditions of the communities. . In this way we achieve our goals by making sure we deal with the causes that can lead a child to become an alcohol or drug abuser.




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