Alcohol Abuse Prevention Success stories

At IDYDC we have been doing advocacy for Alcohol Abuse Prevention in Iringa region since 2010. This is a continuation of Alcohol and Drugs Abuse prevention project we started in 2001. Now let us hear Alcohol Abuse Prevention success stories as told by our beneficiaries themselves

Alcohol Abuse Prevention Success stories I

My name is Severina Ngwale. I am 39 years old and I have two children, one is 21 and the other is 23 years old.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention Success

Severina telling her story

I was using alcohol and I also was a good brewer. I was making local acohol known as Komoni as a means of income for myself and my family. In reality I was a hard drinker and when I drunk we always quarreled at home .

We used to fight a lot with my husband to the extent that nothing was done at home. At that time I felt lost and I did not know what to do. Usually I was coming home late, always fighting even my health deteriorated because sometimes I could not eat.

I decided to quit drinking and brewing after IDYDC seminar and started a small business of baking maandazi and also started farming maize and sunflower. My income was small but since I stopped drinking I have been able to take both of my children to school. Life is better now compared to the past. My health has improved and we are not quarreling as in the past.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention Success stories II

My name is Elekia Mbosa. I am blessed with a family consisting of my husband and our one child. I am 52 by age.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention Success stories II

Elekia Mbosa

In the past years I used to be an Alcohol producer and seller  for a long time, I was also drinking. I considered it as a source of income in my house but it was not enough. I was not a responsible mother because I used most of my time on Alcohol issues and not taking care of my children, husband.

After attending Seminar on Alcohol effects healthily, socially and economically and learning entrepreneurship skills from IDYDC, I decided to leave the business and start a new one.

I am now selling woods and do livestock keeping. I have 4 goats, hens and a duck. Due to our environment it’s better to have this kind of business. Through IDYDC programs I decided to join Micro-finance program and take soft loan which I could afford to turn with small interest. I am now doing well and I promise not to go back into Alcohol business. I now recognize it was not the right way of living.


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