Alcohol Abuse Prevention Training of Trainers

Alcohol Abuse Prevention training of trainers is the continuation of IDYDC implementing the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program in Iringa region. This is the training of sports teachers from two wards Kalenga and Udumka and involved teachers from Primary and Secondary schools.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention training of trainers

The training was conducted at IDYDC HQ with the access to FIFA Football for Hope pitch that was used for practical sessions. Using edu-sport  approach the teachers were trained on how to use sports to deliver the message about alcohol harm.

Training session

Day 1

On the First day the session was led by Dr Ally Ngallah from Iringa Regional Referral Hospital. His session was based on alcohol abuse effects on health and explaining in details what is alcohol and how the human body treats it. Participants got the chance to learn how the alcohol starts to affect the body from when it is taken into the mouth all the way to the stomach and the effects when it is distributed on the whole body.

As teachers they also learnt how children can be affected by the use of alcohol of their parents and affect their performance at school. When the pregnant mother drinks alcohol the unborn child is affected and if it will not lead to death of the child then the child will likely struggle to master the subjects at school.

Day 2 and 3

The following days were used to teach the trainers ways to teach children through sports activities. Two IDYDC Master coaches led this sessions where most of the time was used on the pitch. The participant were trained how to interact with children and use non-formal environment to make them feel free and interact while learning. For teachers it is important to take the pupils out of the class and use the sports period to make them learn while they play games.

Training of trainers IDYDC

On the last day all the participants got the certificates which were given by IDYDC Director Mr Johnnie Nkoma. Participants were also given the tools that they will use to teach using the IDYDC curriculum. It was a joy to us to increase the number of ambassadors that will continue the fight against alcohol abuse.

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