Alcohol prevention knowledge and Facilitation skills training

When the  2017 WHO Forum on alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours was going on we also continue our advocacy with a training activity. Our partner and sponsor IOGT International attended the forum with presentation on how alcohol affect 13 of 17 SDGs and 52 of the 169 targets. At the implementation level we are conducting training on Alcohol Prevention knowledge and Facilitation skills. The training is for coaches or edu-sports teachers from all schools in the four wards we are implementing our program.


Alcohol prevention knowledge training

The training we are conducting involves schools from Kising’a, Mseka, Masaka and Ifunda wards. One teacher is representing the school and all schools from these wards have participated. We are doing a three days training about facilitation skills and knowledge on alcohol prevention. We target pupils in order to discourage them to start drinking alcohol especially at young age. The training is facilitated by a doctor in a class and a coach on the field.

Alcohol Prevention Knowledge

Alcohol prevention knowledge training by the doctor

The doctor who is an expert in mental health conducts a session about alcohol prevention. The session is about what is alcohol, it’s advantages and disadvantages to human life. Most of the session is based on alcohol health effects especially when consumed by a minor. Alcohol can affect children as they are still growing and destroy their future resulting in dependent generation which can not contribute to the society.  Doctor explained how alcohol contributes as one of the factors causing many diseases as cancer and mental problems.

Facilitation skills

Our coach train the teachers how to conduct drills with children with encoded message about alcohol. The football pitch is used as a training venue in order to exercise the drills. Also the coach insist on facilitation skills, how to talk to youth, how to act when training them. This is important as these teachers have other lessons to teach so the students must distinguish the sessions. Teachers will use the sports period to talk to the students while playing and engaging them in discussion about alcohol. This way it is easier for the children to remember the message and enjoy the session.

Alcohol prevention knowledge and facilitation skills training




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