BRAC – Zinduka Kupitia Soka Implementation

In collaboration with BRAC and  University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) we are implementing Zinduka program in schools and out of school. This program targets the youth and they are taught about HIV/AIDS and Malaria through football drills. In our Football for Hope Center here at IDYDC we train the out of school program after school hours.

Zinduka Implementation

Mr Rahim Magwano Zinduka Program Coordinator talking to children before session

Zinduka Implementation

At Iringa Football for Hope center we use football as a way to attract children and youth to learn about life skills, health and alcohol and substance abuse. In implementing Zinduka Kupitia Soka we are teaching them about HIV/AIDS while using different games on the pitch. This approach have proven to be very effective as kids use the play to learn. It is different to teaching them in a class or closed room where they are not as free as they are outside.

Zinduka Implementation IFFH

With the trained coaches we divide the children in groups where they can easily learn and understood the session. Before and after the sessions they get the chance to play football and these makes the sessions very enjoyable for them.

Find the ball session

Zinduka Implementation find the ball

In this session the children are divided into two groups where each group forms a line facing each other. They are given small balls one for each group and they pass the ball without the other team seeing. Afterwards the coach ask them to guess where the ball is by looking at the faces of the opposing team. It is difficult to guess and after several failed attempts they are told the message of the day.

Zinduka Implementation Iringa

It is difficult to identify someone who is HIV+ just by looking into their eyes. They are told about the myth surrounding how to identify someone who is infected like being very slim or very ill. This lessons teach them that anyone can be HIV+ so we should be very careful how we behave and abstain from sex.

Zinduka Implementation football team

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