Entrepreneurship skills seminars Ifunda

Last week we conducted Entrepreneurship skills seminars in Ifunda ward as part of Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program activity. This is a follow up activity after doing alcohol effects training in the same villages. As we expect people to reduce alcohol consumption leading to reduced alcohol production, this might affect brewers and sellers economically. To mitigate that effect we believe that alcohol brewers and sellers can use the entrepreneurship skills to find alternative economic activities.

Entrepreneurship skills seminars

Villages covered

The seminars were conducted in six villages namely, Udumuka, Mfukulembe, Mibikimitali, Ifunda, Kibena and Bandabichi. These are all the villages of Ifunda ward so the whole ward was covered. We were happy also to find out that there is progress in formulating by-laws to control alcohol brewing and selling. We continued to insist on child protection and banning pregnant women to drink alcohol in the laws that they are making. In Mibikimitali na Udumuka they have already passed the by-laws and they have regulated the alcohol brewing.

Entrepreneurship skills seminars

Entrepreneurship skills seminars bandabichi

Alcohol Abuse Prevention Project Coordinator Naomi Nyalusi talking to participants

In the seminar that included local alcohol brewers and sellers we intended to give them the entrepreneurship skills and change their mindset. From the past experience we know others are so reluctant to leave alcohol business as they see it is the easiest way to get money. We insist that an entrepreneur should invest in more than one area and should consider the impact of what they do to the society and not just think of themselves.

Entrepreneurship skills seminar Kibena village

Participants in Kibena Village listening to IDYDC Director Mr Johnnie Nkoma

During the seminar we gave testimonies of those that have been successful after changing their business from alcohol to other economic activities. The participants then discuss what are the problems they face and how they can turn them into opportunities. This is good because it help them to see everything as an opportunity and we hope even the alcohol producers can see that there other activities they can do which are more profitable and less harmful.

Entrepreneurship skills seminars Mibikimitali


The seminars were a success by seeing how participants responded and how motivated they seemed. Many of the participants were happy to know that they have a lot of resources that they never see them as resources and they can use them to transform their life. They also promised to start serving as they have been taught the importance of serving regardless of how little you earn.

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