HIV education through football coaching TackleAfrica

IDYDC in collaboration with TackleAfrica has just finished a two year program funded by BT Supporters Trust. HIV education through football coaching with young people living with or at risk of HIV in Tanzania is the name of the program. The program aims to improve knowledge, attitudes and behavior relating to HIV in young people at risk of HIV, and young people living with HIV. We manage to implement the program in the regions of Njombe, Dar es Salaam and Iringa with over 100 coaches trained.

HIV education through football coaching

TackleAfrica Team

HIV education through football coaching drills

Coaches conduct sessions consist of high quality football coaching drills with HIV messaging built in; participants learn by playing out the consequences of their decisions in safe and interactive environment. All the learning takes place on the pitch in a way that young people enjoy, remember and understand.

The goal is to reduce stigma and isolation by developing a greater understanding of HIV and challenging myths, as well as building relationships and life skills. This is done by encouraging participants to take part in football coaching sessions alongside HIV positive and negative peers.

Women and Girls

Through focus groups we found that parental consent and society’s perception of women and girls playing football are major barriers to female participation. A community engagement campaign therefore sensitized the community and parents, and inclusion modules were developed and integrated into training courses. Consequently we increased female participation by reaching 880 girls overall.


In conclusion we succeeded in reaching 3264 beneficiaries in 2016 alone. This was after TackleAfrica delivered eight training courses to a total of 108 coaches.

In fact there was a great desire by beneficiaries to find out their status. Pitch-side testing has been proven to be an effective method to facilitate this behavior change in other TackleAfrica projects also. We therefore added HIV testing to community sessions in key project locations. As a result the VCT pilot was successful in encouraging 372 people to test with an uptake level of 80%.

Thank you Note

As IDYDC we thank TackleAfrica for continued support through the years. We have enjoyed the time with TackleAfrica Tanzania Programme Manager Jo Small and we say karibu sana. As always we will keep on the good work and continue to use the coaches in other coming activities too.


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