IDYDC marks 16 days of activism against GBV

The 16 days of activism is international campaign originated from the first Women’s Global Leadership Institute coordinated by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership in 1991. The campaign started from 25 November, which is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to Human Rights Day, 10 December. IDYDC took part as one of the important stakeholder in Iringa region in gender-based issues.

16 days of activism

16 days of activism against GBV Iringa DC

Iringa Rural celebrated the pinnacle of the 16 days of activism in Ulanda ward where there have been cases of violence to women and children. The event involved women groups, CSOs, children, local leaders, social welfare officers and others officers from Iringa District Council. The guest of honor was  councillor Ritta Mlagala District Council vice chairman.

16 days of activism Iringa DC

IDYDC represented by Executive Director Mr Johnnie Nkoma and Naomi Nyalusi gave presentation on alcohol and how it accelerates gender-based violence and violence to children. Although not the only factor but sometimes alcohol gives confidence to abusers who might not be violent if they are not drunk. Alcohol also contributes to pour families to fail to meet basic needs, malnutrition to children and missing school items.

16 days of activism Ulanda

The guest of honor insisted on how alcohol abuse affects the families by giving the example of Kising’a ward where she is the Councillor. This ward have benefited from Alcohol abuse program from IDYDC and the GBV cases have decreased drastically in recent days compared to when the program was starting.

16 days of activism Ulanda ward

The women were urged to keep themselves busy and be financially stable as this will give them more respect and less targeted. When a woman can provide for the family it is not easy for the man to abuse her as she can depend on her own if the relation does not work out. Many women have suffered and continued to be abused because of feeling like there is nothing they can do since they are depend on their husband for everything.

16 days of activism Iringa DC Ulanda

Other stakeholders were given the chance to explain the service they offer and how the women and society in general can benefit. CSOs dealing with social welfare, financial institution and gender desk all explained how the women can benefit working with them.

16 days of activism against GBV Iringa MC

In Iringa municipal the event took place at Welfare Conference, IDYDC was represented by MVC/OVC program officers led by Program Coordinator Huruma Mushi. Children in the program were also present and happy to interact with children from different schools who were present.

16 days of activism Iringa region

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