IOGT NTO Movemement Monitoring visit

IOGT NTO Movement East Africa have done monitoring visit to IDYDC that lasted three days from 26th to 28th March. This is part of the continuing partnership between us IDYDC and IOGT where from each visit we all learn something new and continue to improve  our work to society.

Monitoring visit

IOGT support us in two projects which are Alcohol Abuse Prevention (FS) and Street children rehabilitation (VB). So the visit was mainly for those two project but also to see the overall progress of the organization.

monitoring visit

On the first day our visitors sat with the administration and program officers to go through the reports and plans. For the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program we had the opportunity to review the strategic plan at the time when the implementation goes to the new ward this year. For the VB project which is on going we went through the quarterly report and see how activities are going.

Monitoring visit day 2

Day two and three were used for field visit to see how the projects are implemented. As one of the success area for the Alcohol Program we went to Kising’a to see how community based approach was a success. We met the ward councilor, ward community development officer, village executive officer and other members who gave testimonies how this program have transformed their community. With this kind of support it is easier to achieve your goals and that is one of the reason Kising’a have been so successful in alcohol abuse prevention.

Day three field visit was for the VB project where we visited two families of reunified street children. In the VB project we rehabilitate street children by changing their mindset after that we reunify children with their families. We visited family of one girl child who was reunified and one boy.

monitoring visit day 3

Evening outing

After three days of work we got a chance to get together, IOGT and IDYDC staff for the evening meal. In attendance was board chairman and vice chairman, IDYDC director, administrator and some of the staff members.

monitoring visit evening outing

The board chairman said a few words of thanks to our visitors. He thanked IOGT for the long term partnership and being one of the organisation that has given us big support even in capacity building. IDYDC Director Mr John Nkoma also extended his thanks to the IOGT staff for their support and long term partership.

IOGT monitoring visit

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