IOGT-NTO Movement East Africa Visit

Last week we had guests from IOGT-NTO Movement East Africa. It was an end of year monitoring visit where as our partners they came to see what have been done in this implementation year.

IOGT-NTO Movement East Africa

IOGT-NTO Movement East Africa visits Iringa

The team from IOGT arrived at IDYDC Head office at FIFA grounds Mtwivila and after greetings with staff the field visits started. We started with Orphans and Most Vulnerable Children ( OVC/MVC )  Program by visiting areas where street children stay.

Our visitors saw for themselves the situation on the street for the children and were able to interview some of the children who are working and dwelling in the streets.  The next destination was our Upendo children rehabilitation center, here we have a COBET class for children who were not enrolled in schools or dropped out. This class help them to prepare for formal schooling.

IOGT-NTO Movement East Africa COBET class

The last place to visit for the first day was Kihesa Kilolo here we met with a reunified child. Our visitors were happy to talk to the child and his mother who both shared their experiences. The mother was happy that her child has returned and there is a big change in attitude in her child.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

IOGT-NTO Movement East Africa mfukulembe

The next day we visited one of the villages that we are implementing the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program in Ifunda called Mfukulembe. In Mfukulembe we visited Lyasa Secondary School to see how they implement the program.

IOGT-NTO Movement East Africa Lyasa Secondary

In the last day we received feedback from IOGT-NTO Movement East Africa, what they have observed through their visit.

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