Jitambue Msichana Girl Skills Program

Our Vision at IDYDC is to see a community free from disease, poverty, illiteracy and socially developed society where human rights are respected. Jitambue Msichana is one of the projects that we are implementing to fulfill that vision by helping young girls understand their rights and dignity.


In 2014 we collaborated with Grassroot Soccer to pilot Jitambue Msichana in Iringa urban. Two secondary schools, Klerruu and Highlands together with Upendo center were chosen as pilot areas.  The pilot was a success with a graduation and HIV testing day that was held at the Iringa Football For Hope Center on Saturday, December 6. This event included all day HIV testing, soccer tournament, 2 HIV prevention activities, and a graduation ceremony. 350 people from communities across Iringa attended the event and 116 people were tested for HIV. The pilot ran from September to November 2014 and 61 girls aged 14-19 graduated from the pilot intervention.

Jitambue Msichana Implementation

Jitambue msichana

Young girls attending Girl Skills session at JMK Youth Park

As a result of pilot success in 2016 we managed to start implementation in Dar es Salaam and Iringa. At JMK Youth  Park we have coaches teaching Girl Skills on Saturdays when girls do not go to school. In Iringa five schools have been selected for the program.

The target group is girls between 14 and 19 years of age where many of them are secondary schools students. The girls learn about life skills, how to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS and other STIs. Girls are taught how to respect themselves, be confident and learn to be a team player through sports and other activities.

Jitambue Msichana group discussion

Young girls from Kihesa secondary having group discussion with their coaches

In 2016 a total of 208 girls graduated Jitambue Msichana Girl Skills program and were offered certificates afterwards. The ceremony was conducted at Fifa football for hope in the same way as the pilot was done. Above all the program was a success, girls learned and enjoyed the experience they had. We in fact plan to continue with the program as we have seen the positive results from it.

Jitambue Msichana graduetes

Jitambue Msichana Girl Skills program graduates


We have successfully run the program until now however there are few challenges we are facing. Program and coach evaluation for the sites is minimal due to lack of adequate funding. Due to this, Master Coach Evaluations and addressing administrative issues that are time sensitive are a challenge to be addressed directly. We invite everyone who can contribute to this program to contact us.

We value any kind of contribution whether in capacity building or donation of funds or resources.

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