Microfinance Sanitation Usafi Iringa

Microfinance Sanitation is the project we are implementing in collaboration with ACRA Foundation through Usafi Iringa.  ACP/EU Water Facility is funding the Integrated environmental sanitation concepts for poor, underserved and peri-urban areas of Iringa Municipality. The project is aimed at improving their health and living conditions. Usafi Iringa is implementing agency and varied consortium, including local and international NGOs, governmental authorities and research institutions implements the project.

Microfinance sanitation beneficiary

Our Project Coordinator Mr Castory David with one of the Beneficiaries.

How we implement Microfinance Sanitation

As one of implementing NGO our role is advocacy on sanitation and giving loans for clean water services. This project here at IDYDC involves two departments, Environment and Micro-finance. Micro-finance is involved because some of the services in this project require us to give loans.

As of now the project offers loans to people who need to get clean water connection to their houses and those who need toilet building services. In water connection service, IDYDC has a contract with Iringa Urban Water and Sewerage Authority (IRUWASA) to distribute water to people we are targeting who live in the peri-urban areas of Iringa town.

We are implementing the project in all wards of Iringa municipal where we reach those areas by following guidance of our key partner, ACRA. In April, we have received many loan requests for water service from the area known as Mafifi, Semtema A. From this area which is out of town we get many people since it is a new settlement area.

Microfinance Sanitation Usafi Iringa

Semtema A, one of the areas benefiting from IDYDC Microfinance Sanitation

The project has managed to help many considering the challenges of accessing water and even hygiene it is a struggle. People confess that IDYDC has helped them to get clean water and they are happy to get these services.

Microfinance Sanitation beneficiary

Beatrice from Semtema A, a beneficiery of our Microfinance Sanitation program


Here is the video about Micro-finance Sanitation;

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