My name is Veronica Mwalusamba. I have increased household items for our home, and also the loans has helped us to improve the basic needs at our family as we are getting three meals per day than it was before, our kids are going to school with good clothes etc. Microfinance program beneficiary Many things are going good because of loan support of 300,000.00 which  our group received from IDYDC even if the loan was inadequate but it was better than nothing. We hope that IDYDC will increase the amount of loan in the second cycle when our group has finished this loan. Also I am interested with Training on Business management which is offered by IDYDC. The training helped us on our business on how to calculate the income and Expenditure and at the end of the day to understand if the business makes profit or not. Thanks to IDYDC.

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 Microfinance program beneficiary SMEMy name is Gablielina Kiungo, I am a widower and a father of three children whom I take care of them and they are schooling. For the time being I am chairperson of the family group of five members. We are doing business of selling used clothes at Iringa town and sometimes we use to go in rural areas to sell them. On behalf of my group members I thank IDYDC for giving us loan of Tsh 400,000.00 which helped us to improve our business. Our plan is to make sure that after finishing this loan we have to ask for more loans that will help us to expand our business and get more profit.

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Microfinance program beneficiary VickyHi, my name is Vick Sanga, we are three members in our group. We started making clothes as group business and we received a loan of Tsh 400,000.00 from IDYDC for improving this business. After getting a loan we have improved a lot because of adequate capital and workshop. Currently the turnover per day is higher than before. More than half of the profit is used in the project for reinvestment and the rest at home for house rent, school fees, food, clothes, medical care etc. We give thanks to IDYDC for their loan support to our group. Our plan is to ask for more loans in order to increase the production of making clothes and to expand our business to other areas if possible.

Captur2I am Imelda Zuwery, chairperson of Imazu group. We are three members and we are dealing with a restaurant business which is located at Mlandege ward. Our main customers for our business are coming from Mlandege Market both men and women who are doing their business at the market area .The loan of TSH 400,000 from IDYDC has helped us mostly in improvement of our business. For the time being we have managed to buy some of business items. Although we received a little amount of loan, but our business has improved somehow. We are planning to ask for more loans from IDYDC so as to make sure our dependant will get their basic needs on time and to pay their school fees.

Captur3I am Abia Msigala, a member of Amani group which is composed of six members , We are selling used clothes especially to Youth who are mostly our customers. We started our business with a little capital from ourselves savings. After two years we asked loan from IDYDC. The loan helped us to step forward as we compare with the situation which we had before. Although there are so many institutions which deal with Microcredit, Our group decided to join to IDYDC due to their Rules and regulations which are affordable. We thanks IDYDC for their Business Training which helped us to make profit, to plan for our business, how to get customers and the important thing for us is how to keep business records. Surely this is a good thing for us. Our advice to IDYDC is that, IDYDC should increase amount of loans to their clients so that they can make more profit and improve their business.

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