The Orphans Vulnerable Children and Most Vulnerable Children (MVC/OVC) has been a very burning issue almost everywhere in Iringa region and other parts the country.

It is among the vital programs of the Organization since 1991. IDYDC orphanage and vulnerable target groups fall within the age of 5 to 17 years. In order to make this project more effective various rehabilitation centers have been established for them.

Available centers for the program include:

  • Upendo center in Iringa urban
  • Neema center in Kilolo district

IOGT-NTO Movement has been supporting us for many years now. Together we are running a Street Children Rehabilitation project since 2011 with the aim of reducing street children.

The objectives of OVC and MVC

  • Encourage the community to support the identified orphans at the village level
  • To withdraw working and violated children in hazard areas
  • Provide basic needs to the needy orphans
  • To empower the grown up orphans with special training and also support them with soft loans from the already established Micro credit Scheme in IDYDC.
  • Educate the community on HIV/AIDS and Alcohol abuse which are arguably the main causative agents of OVC/MVCs.
  • To link the families with the established Micro Credit Scheme (MFI) so as to reduce the number of MVC and street children.
  • To re-integrate the OVC/MVCs with their parents, dependents and relatives.

IDYDC has continued to work on three categories of OVC and MVC

  • Children cared by grand mothers and fathers
  • Street and working Children (child labor).
  • Orphans children resulted from HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and poverty.

Major support areas to OVC/MVC

  • Education
  • Health services
  • Counseling
  • Food and accommodation
  • Clothes and shelter
  • Entrepreneurship skills


Since the centers are not for permanent rehabilitation and due to IDYDC policy, 756 children especially OVC’s/MVC’s were re-united with their families and relatives fr 2011 to 2016. The fixed time for them to stay in the centers is six month. However for some who qualified for further education could still get support from the organization, while those who had attained enough skills and wanted to go back home were allowed to do so.

MVC/OVC quick stats


Upendo center statistics 2011 – 2016

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