OSU Iringa Study Visit


The Ohio State University OSU , have an education abroad program for their students. This program help to broaden students’ perspective about the world, they learn history and culture of different places. In this visit the theme is “HIV in Context: Tanzania”. They are learning Swahili, diving into history, interviewing Tanzanians, and reading scientific papers produced in Tanzania. All this in an effort to understand the impact of HIV.  At IDYDC we were very excited to host the OSU students at our organization as part of their study visit in Iringa.

The Visit

On Friday 23 rd June Dr. Sarah Beckham as the host came with a group of students, instructors and Professor Mc Dow. The Professor and students from The Ohio State University visited us as part of their study visit in Iringa. Our Director Mr Johnnie Nkoma welcomed them and held a joint meeting with few staff members.

OSU students visiting IDYDC

Our Project Coordinators together with Director explained about what we do and the programs that we are currently running. This was after a brief history about our organisation, when and why it was founded. The group learned a lot about our programs and how we implement them and were very active in asking questions.


Since one of the areas of study is HIV we discussed about the projects under health programs that deal with HIV and AIDS. We talked about previous project like SAUTI and TUNAJALI explaining the implementation and impact they had in Iringa and Njombe.  The project coordinator for USAID Boresha Afya project also explained our role in this project we are currently implementing.

OSU students at IDYDC HQ

The director also explained about Alcohol Abuse Prevention Project where we teach about alcohol harm and relationship between alcohol and HIV. Since Iringa is the second in the country for HIV prevalence and also in alcohol usage this project is very important for Iringa.


The OSU students were also interested to know about programs involving youth, sexual relations and family planning education. We explained to the group about our other projects, Zinduka Kupitia Soka, USAID Kizazi Kipya and Jitambue Msichana as some of the projects about children and youth. Our Program Coordinators explained how we use sports to engage the youth and how we collaborate with other partners to refer them when necessary.

We are happy to host The Ohio State University Students and we hope they learned something from us. Our doors are always open for those who would like to come and work with us as volunteers or partners.

OSU students at IDYDC

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