Package from FIFA for Iringa Football For Hope Center

FIFA blessed us with a wonderful gift that we received last week. This gift is for our own Iringa Football For Hope Center the symbol of FIFA goodwill to our community. Through Football For Hope movement we have been collaborating with different organisation to improve society in various social projects. Grassroot Soccer and Tackle Africa are among those we collaborate with in educating the youth and society through sports.

FIFA package

We have received football balls, ball bags, regular bags and football pumps. Also jerseys which include T shirts, shorts, socks, shinguard and gloves. There is also other T shirts of different sizes and without forgetting bibs. We are so thanks full to FIFA for their generosity, we promise to make good use of all the items received.


IDYDC director

Opening one of the boxes

Football For Hope Center T shirts

T shirts

Football For Hope Center ball bag

Ball bag

Football For Hope Center Bibs


Football For Hope Center Caps


Iringa Football For Hope Center

Our vision is to be the central point for social change and development for youth and community using football as a catalyst. That can only be possible if we have enough resources to host sports events. With support like this we can achieve our goals and make our community a better living place. You can also support by donating or contacting us and help in any way you can.

Football For Hope Center

Children having fun at Iringa Football for Hope Center

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