TAWASANET Advocacy training

IDYDC attended Advocacy Training on influencing Local Government Planning hosted by TAWASANET in Dodoma. Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network (TAWASANET) is a national network of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector. As a stakeholder in WASH sector with Environment Program as one of our areas of operation, IDYDC is an active member of TAWASANET.

Advocacy Training

The training was conducted for two days at Dear Mama Hotel in Dodoma facilitated by Mr Darius Mhawi who is the head of Policy and Advocacy at TAWASANET and  George F. Kinyashi from Institute of Rural Development Planning, Tanzania.

The theme of the training was Influencing Local Government Planning. In our societies water and sanitation issues have not been given priority, it is common to see people are mobilized to build schools or dispensary but it is not the case when it comes to sanitation. Our role as TAWASANET members is making sure that the society understands the importance of wash and decision makers consider WASH as one of the important  issues for the welfare of their people.

Part of the training was understanding how local governments operate, the flow of decision making from the citizens to the council meetings. Also knowing which people responsible for WASH at every stage of decision making. This is important because it is easy to take initiative and making a follow up until change happens.



Maji Kwa Afya Bora (MSABI) – Ifakara

Mbarali Water, Sanitation and Environmental Conservation Organisation (MWECO) – Mbarali

Rujewa Integrated Efforts to Fight Poverty (RIEFP) – Mbeya

Center for Community Initiatives (CCI) – Dar es Salaam

Children Education Society (CHESO) – Dar es Salaam

Water and Environmental Sanitation Projects Maintenance Organization (WEPMO) – Dar es Salaam

Community Based Water, Environmental and Sanitation (COWES) – Dodoma

Water Sanitation for community Development (WASACODE) – Mpwapwa

Maji Safi Group – Musoma

Action for Development (AFORD 2013 Co Ltd) – Mwanza

Tabora Development Foundation Trust (TDFT) – Tabora

Karatu Development Association (KDA) – Karatu

Maji na Maendeleo Dodoma (MAMADO) – Dodoma

Community Based Health Care Council (CBHCC) – Arusha

Governance Links – Mwanza

Peoples Voice for Development (PEVODE) – Dar es Salaam


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