Training of Coaches workshops

IDYDC in collaboration with BRAC and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is implementing a project on adolescent boys teaching them life skills and health education through sports. This is part of the research being conducted by UCLA in Dodoma, Iringa and Mbeya regions and these are the areas training of coaches workshops have been conducted.
Recently we have been conducting Training of Coaches (ToC), training new coaches on ZINDUKA program and its activities that have been adopted for this project. The ToC workshops have been done in over three weeks in the previous mention areas, Dodoma, Iringa and Mbeya

training of coaches workshops mbeya

Coaches after graduating in Mbeya

The Training of Coaches workshops

In each region we have done a 5 day TOC workshop for recruited coaches to familiarize the curriculum they will be using to teach the youth. The need to understand the culture, methodologies and approach to working with youth who are the targets of the program.

We also demonstrate and impart knowledge and techniques relevant to working and connecting with youth (GRS – Big 5); building personal connections, sparking vital conversations, becoming an HIV and malaria expert, creating a safe space and giving powerful praise to youth participants.

Also teaching coaches some of the key drivers of the HIV epidemic in Tanzania: multiple partners, age-disparate partners and unprotected sex to help them gain information and understanding on how and why HIV is an issue in Tanzania.

We emphasized on technical issues for Coaches, Master Coaches and Program Managers responsible for recording M&E data for the program. As part of the workshop schedule, the participants walked through translated relevant tools and familiarized on how to use them.

Schedule, facilitators and participants

The training team consisted of 3 main facilitators, ZINDUKA Master Coach Razack Omary, Program manager Rahim Magwano and Cindy Chagolla a Peace Corps volunteer. Trainees were a group of 30 coaches and 6 Master Coaches that means 10 coaches and 2 master coaches per region.

From 28th November to 2nd December 2016 the workshop was conducted in Mbeya, 4th to 7th December 2016 in Dodoma and 13th to 17th December in Iringa.

Training of coaches workshop session

Participants from Mbeya listening to master coach Razak Omary


training of coaches workshop dodoma

Coaches showing their certificates after graduating in Dodoma


training of coaches workshop Iringa

Coaches practicing what they have learned at Fifa Football for Hope Iringa.

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