In 1996 IDYDC established the first Vocational Training School at Upendo center located in Iringa urban, Gangilonga. The Vocational training is designed to support orphans, most vulnerable children and disadvantaged youth not selected to join secondary schools.

The main purpose of the VTC is to provide skills in carpentry and joinery, brick lying, masonry, tailoring and batik making, farming and gardening, livestock and entrepreneurship to children whose parents died from HIV/AIDS.

Right now IDYDC is running 3 Vocational centers namely Upendo Center in Iringa urban, Neema Vocational Center in Kilolo district and Shukrani Vocational training in Makete district.

IDYDC took this initiative to support the government’s effort in reducing the growing number of street children, child labour and create a room for self employment.


Besides training of skills as mentioned, the program also supports the beneficiaries by providing services on training materials and trainings in the following activities:

  • To make advocacy to the community for child rights.
  • To provide basic needs such as education, food, clothes, shelter and health facilities.
  • To withdraw children from hazardous works.
  • To make counseling to children and youth.
  • To reunify children with their families.
  • To rejoin children to COBET classes, pre primary school, secondary school and vocational training schools.
  • To support youth socially, spiritually and psychologically.
  • To provide school fees and other contributions and school materials.


  • Shortage of machines, tools, other equipments, learning materials for vocational training.
  • Lack of income for generating activities
  • Lack of own premises for running the vocational training centers

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