WASH Advocacy: Improving Latrines

In Iringa municipal there is improvement in general cleanliness, the town is clean and attractive. When we dig deep the sanitation situation in households especially those in the outskirt, is not very good. IDYDC as a stakeholder in WASH sector we saw the need to do WASH advocacy on Improved latrines. As a case study we chose one street from Igumbilo ward called Kigungawe A.

WASH Advocacy Kingungawe A

WASH Advocacy Kigungawe A

With support from TAWASANET a national network of CSOs working in the WASH sector we have been able to start advocacy targeting Kigungawe A as a change point. The statistics shows among 231 households only 99 have improved latrines which is equal to 42% of the total households. With these statistics a lot of effort is required to improve the situation.

The advocacy meeting

WASH Advocacy

In order to bring change to Kingungawe A street we targeted all decision makers from municipal level to the street. From the ward we invited the Councillor, Ward Executive Officer and health officer. With the street council represented by MEO, chairman and three members we already had the majority vote. In attendance Nuru FM radio was also present to capture what was going on. This meeting was a result of good relation IDYDC have with local authorities and the experience of our Environment Program Coordinator Mr Castory David.


The group first learned about the WASH situation from the municipal level, ward to the street level. This helped to see how the targeted area ranks among other areas within Iringa municipal. Then participants formed groups and in group work they analysed the situation, what caused it and how to improve the situation. The general discussion followed and everyone shared how they can play their part to improve sanitation.

WASH Advocacy meeting Kingungawe A

Action Plan

To make sure all the discussions lead to action we came up with the action plan. This was drafted according to the issues brought up in group work. We discussed what needs to be done, who is the person responsible and the time frame. Officers from municipal council promised to make follow up on the agreed resolutions.

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