Youth Camp for Youth Living and Working on Street

For two nights and three days youth living and working on the street (YLWS) participated in a youth camp in the outskirts of Iringa municipal. Regarded as street children these youths barely have time for retreat and calmness for self reflection. This was perfect time for them to get away from all the chaos they face on daily basis in the streets.

Youth Camp activities

On the first day the main activity was setting up the camp. This included setting tents and making rules on how things will be done and by whom. IDYDC staff used this time to identify youth skills as most of the tasks were done by the youth themselves with little supervision. The group agreed to the arrangements made and all vowed to follow them and monitor each other.

Youth camp

Each participant was given task and these task were done in sub groups where for example one group can fetch water today while the other prepare food and the next day they exchange. For all duration of camping everyone performed his duties to the best of his abilities without complaining.


Each day there were two sessions during the day and one before sleeping at night. This last session was not too formal where anyone could share their stories. The two sessions were used to talk to the youth with the intention of not only teaching but also bonding with them and hearing what they have in mind.

The youth were open to talk as the environment was not judgmental and there was trust among the group. Those who started sharing their stories encouraged others to open up. This was good to the group as they saw that each person has their struggles but life must go on. Being in a team and working together also helped to form the team work mentality for the group.

youth camp for YLWS


The aim for this youth camp was to enhance motivation, reflection and self awareness to YLWS. We are happy with what we have seen at the camp and hope for positive results to come. Those who use alcohol or drugs (cannabis) realized that they can live without those and this is a great step.

The youth enjoyed their time away, they were very happy to live together in harmony where everyone is equal.  We hope that this will help them when they think of their future as there are a lot of possibilities regardless of the current situation.


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