Zinduka Kupitia Soka implementation

Zinduka kupitia soka implementation
Thirteen schools in Mufindi district are in Zinduka Kupitia Soka implementation. Each school have twenty six pupils in Zinduka program where the trained coaches lead the sessions. The coaches are working together with the master coaches and our Project Coordinator Mr Rahim Magwano.

Zinduka Kupitia Soka implementation stages

The children graduate after attending ten sessions tailored to teach about Malaria and HIV/AIDS together with life skills. As the project is called, the goal is to raise awareness to society starting with children who will grow up being responsible adults.

Zinduka Kupitia Soka implementation mafinga

From session one to ten children participate in activities which are designed to give a message that will not be easily forgotten. They are taught about importance of communication being with a different sex or someone who is abused. The effects of having intimate relationship with an adult where a minor will have no power in decision making.


This July many schools are at half point of the program where they have conducted not less than five sessions. We hope that the sessions will go according to plan and this batch will graduate to give room for others. Apart from the session, the graduation ceremony is a good platform to spread the message as the whole community is represented.

Zinduka Kupitia Soka implementation stages

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