Zinduka Kupitia Soka Malaria Day 2017

World Malaria Day 2017 with the theme “End malaria for good” will be on 25th April. IDYDC will host an event through Zinduka Kupitia Soka program in Mafinga. As one of our roles in advocacy, we will educate the community by hosting an event which will involve school children participating in various sports. Football or Soka in Swahili will be the main sport at this event.

Malaria Day 2017 Activities

We will have football tournament where all the children involved will be educated about Malaria. Apart from football there will be other activities with the aim of displaying various information about Malaria. The venue will have billboards, flyers and music, all with the Malaria message.

There will be Malaria testing booths open for all who will be willing to test. Mosquito nets will also be provided to some of the participants.

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Malaria Day 2017 event



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