Zinduka kupitia Soka Project

Zinduka Kupitia Soka was established in 2009. It is implemented in the districts of Iringa urban, Mufindi and Kinondoni in Dar es Salaam. The program aims to provide HIV/Aids prevention among school youth aged 10-19.

Zinduka Kupitia soka

Having been funded more than USD 42,900 (TZS 65,200,000) by ExxonMobil Foundation from South Africa, the program managed to reach 26,325 school youth after training 75 coaches and 6 master coaches. Different community events and graduations with HIV prevention campaign messages ‘KUPITIA SOCCER’ were carried to reach our targets.

Furthermore, IDYDC via Zinduka project scaled up its activities and worked with 20 more wards in Kinondoni district in Dar-es-Salaam region. At JAKAYA MRISHO KIKWETE YOUTH PARK more than 4500 students have been reached by the project.

ZInduka Kupitia Soka Achievements

Zinduka Kupitia Soka project succeeded to reach 26,325 youth aged 10-19, and 5,186 people (3021 female and 2165 male) in the community with Zinduka messages on HIV/AIDS prevention and Malaria prevention education. A number of 100 mosquito nets were distributed to youth and community during Malaria Campaign Day in Iringa urban.

 The program managed to introduce the project to potential stakeholders (Regional education officer, Regional Administrative officer, and Municipal education officer and school head teachers).

 Zinduka through soccer Curriculum was the approach that every youth liked and still needed simply because it is fun, attractive and educative.

Zinduka Kupitia Soka event



The HIV knowledge, skills and Malaria education provided to the community through events and campaigns and primary school teachers in project areas have brought positive influence to the community as more people are ready to get tested on HIV.


IDYDC intends to continue with the project in the same three districts and its wards in Iringa. Also to increase the coverage so as to work in Dar es Salaam, Kinondoni ward on which we will work with the coaches which previously worked with GRS Zinduka.

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