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By Recognizing the importance of the workforce in the community, idydc is focused on helping the community on various issues that affect the community, by doing so a large number of community members benefit from our services we provide to the community.


By providing education on how to protect the community from disease.


Provision of education for children living in vulnerable environments.


We provide education on financial matters as well as loans to the cummunity.

Our Programmes!

Through these programmes, IDYDC contributes to solve chronic social and economic problems which prevail in Iringa region which includes HIV/AIDS, ALCOHOL ABUSING, AND VIOLENCE ISSUES.

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IDYDC has 50 (Male 31 and Female 19) full timestaff who are working under the leardship of executive director and management team pf 6 program officers, adminstator and accountant. Also IDYDC is being supported by community volnteers who are working at community level.
Jumbe Kiteve

Jumbe Kiteve


He is there to ensure that all administrative issues go smoothly including the workforce of the organization.

Johnnie Nkoma

Johnnie Nkoma

Executive Director

He is there to ensure that all matters pertaining to the organization as a whole go smoothly.

Zacharia Mwenda

Zacharia Mwenda


Our Accountant is there to ensure that all financial matters in the organization go as planned.


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USAID Boresha Afya Vacancies..

IDYDC has recently been selected to implement KVP interventions through USAID Boresha Afya project in three councils of Iringa Municipal Council, Mafinga Town Council and Mufindi District Council. In order to implement these interventions IDYDC Read more…

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